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1d Red King George V Single W/mark (Type 2) Plate 3 - Nine (9) Pane 6 Varieties
1d Red King George V Single Watermark (Type 2) Comb Perf 14.25 x 14 Smooth Paper Plate 3 - Nine (9) Pane 6 Varieties - Used - 3-6-2, 3-6-8 (OS/NSW), 3-6-12-I, 3-6-14, 3-6-15, 3-6-16, 3-6-17, 3-6-24, 3-6-25-II. BW 71 SG 21c. Format is "plate-pane-position-state".

Item #: INV-115737

Condition O

Pricing in AU$  

Within Australia 
A$ 19.99

(inc GST 1.82 )

Outside Australia 
A$ 18.17

(approx. US$12.18)

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